Reinforcing wire with pushed-on plastic spacers.

Next generation of rod spacers in which the plastic spacers are firmly connected to the reinforcement wire. Detachment or tilting of the spacers is excluded. Moving to the side is possible with a little effort. Compared to "injection molded" spacers, ours have the advantage that they have very precise distances from one another. On request, we can use certified reinforcing steel in accordance with DIN 488 / 1045-1. The contact surface of the spacers is minimal in order to prevent visible marks on the ceiling.

Delivery is on pallets to the ones below
specified quantities.

Product Concrete cover Support height Peaces / Pallet
6/15/21 15 mm 21 mm 3.000
6/20/26 20 mm 26 mm 2.000
6/25/31 25 mm 31 mm 1.600
6/30/36 30 mm 36 mm 1.120
6/35/41 35 mm 41 mm 1.120

All lengths between 0.76 m and 3.00 m can be produced with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 9 spacers.