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    DOUBLE WALL SPACER - modular

    If your warehouse with our rockets is unexpectedly empty, or if a small number of special lengths are required, this modular spacer is the first choice. This double wall spacer can be assembled "quick and dirty" in your factory. We supply head and foot made from high-quality PE-HD. The 10 mm thick reinforcing steel will be cut to length* by you on site. The assembly is very easy with a soft-faced hammer or a vice. With its three feet, this spacer stands stable and upright.

    Advantages of our spacers:

    • Stable and plumb on three feet.
    • Point support above and below, thus no spring effect.
    • The right length can always be produced on site

    * Double-wall thickness minus 3 cm. As a rule, all straightening and cutting machines can cut to any short length and with smallest tolerances.

    Suitable for assembly with 10 mm rebar.